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We may not be able to direct the wind but, we can adjust our sails - to achieve our course..

Counselling is like adjusting our sails to achieve our life course.
'Talking it Over', we reflect, see things more objectively. We begin to see, we do have choices!

Counselling Services

“Human quest - to ‘question, understand, evolve & GROW through our experiences”

Wishing to understand your worldview and how you relate within it and the wider world.

Are you tired of feeling disappointed/let down, a feeling of not being heard or understood in relationships?

We have our cars and equipment serviced when it is not performing at its optimum, what about our mental and emotional servicing? We need a skilled professional to assist to gain knowledge, insight and influence change.

Making Positive Life Changes & Choices requires support, understanding and professional skill coaching. Often our struggles have unconscious drivers and triggers, which are difficult for us to see alone.

Counselling helps gain the confidence to grow within, a stronger sense of self develops - an important relationship begins, a true journey of knowing, trusting and connecting with self.'

If you relate to any of the above experiences, you want 'change', say good bye to the past and embrace new positive relationships with self & others call Jacqueline for professional assistance.

Appointments: contact Jacqueline - Mob: 0419 369 018